Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NFL Transactions for July

Transactions July 30
Atlanta Falcons signed LB Jamie Winborn(Broncos)
Green Bay Packers released WR Jamarko Simmons
Oakland Raiders released QB Andrew Walter

Transactions July 29
St.Louis Rams signed DT Hollis Thomas(Saints)
Minnesota Vikings DE Kenechi Udeze retired from the NFL.

Transactions July 28
Dallas Cowboys rookie G Robert Brewster will likely be placed on injured reserve with a torn pectoral muscle.He will likely miss the 2009 season.
Detroit Lions waived CB Tra Battle and signed CB William James(Jaguars)
Kansas City Chiefs waived K Connor Barth
New England Patriots signed S Herana-Daze-Jones(Broncos)
Atlanta Falcons waived CB David Irons
Chicago Bears S Glenn Earl retired from the NFL.

Transactions July 27
New England Patriots rookie WR Brandon Tate (knee) has been placed on the non-football injury/illness list. He is not eligible to practice or play until after the conclusion of the sixth regular-season weekend.
Baltimore Ravens waived TE Quinn Sypniewski
Minnesota Vikings waived CB Charles Gordon

Transactions July 26
Baltimore Ravens WR Drew Bennett announced his retirement from the NFL

Transactions July 25
Buffalo Bills waived LB John DiGiorgio
Buffalo Bills WR James Hardy was placed on the active physically unable to perform list
Baltimore Ravens signed WR Drew Bennett(Rams)

Transactions July 24
Seattle Seahawks released LS Bryan Pittman
San Diego Chargers released LB Matt Wilhelm

Transactions July 22
St. Louis Rams traded DT Orien Harris to Detroit Lions for WR Ronald Curry.

Transactions July 21
Atlanta Falcons C Jeremy Newberry announced his retirement from the NFL.

Transactions July 15
Oakland Raiders waived LB Frantz Joseph

Transactions July 13
Tampa Bay Bucs released QB Brian Griese
New York Jets released TE Bubba Franks
Oakland Raiders released S Keith Davis
Baltimore Ravens WR Derrick Mason announced his retirement from the NFL.

Transactions July 9
Jacksonville Jaguars released S Calvin Lowry
Detroit Lions released LB Alex Lewis

Transactions July 7
New York Giants LB Michael Boley has been suspended without pay for the team's Week 1 game for violating the NFL Personal Conduct Policy. Boley's suspension will begin Saturday, Sept. 5. He is eligible to return to the team's active roster Monday, Sept. 14.

Transactions July 2
New York Jets LB Calvin Pace has been suspended four games for violating the NFL's policy on performing enhancing substances.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TOP 150 Fantasy Players for 2009 and links to my AFC East preview


Before getting into the rankings, just a little tip on how you can use this to your advantage. Some players that I may have ranked higher than others, you may not need at the time they are ranked on this list. For instance, if you already have a starting QB,your not going to pass up on a RB or WR to strengthen your roster by picking another QB, even though I may have them ranked higher. Be sensible, and take the best player available for what you need when your pick comes up, and these rankings could easily have you winning your league this season. Good luck and here we go.


1. RB Adrian Peterson-Vikings
2. RB Maurice Jones-Drew Jaguars
3. RB Ladainian Tomlinson-Chargers
4. RB Chris Johnson-Titans
5. RB Michael Turner-Falcons

6. RB Steven Jackson-Rams
7. RB Matt Forte-Bears
8. RB Steve Slaton-Texans
9. WR Larry Fitzgerald-Cards
10. QB Tom Brady-Patriots
11. RB DeAngelo Williams-Panthers
12. RB Frank Gore-49ers
13. WR Andre Johnson-Texans
14. WR Randy Moss-Patriots
15. RB Brandon Jacobs-Giants
16. RB Clinton Portis-Redskins
17. WR Calvin Johnson-Lions
18. QB Drew Brees-Saints
19. WR Steve Smith-Panthers
20. WR Greg Jennings-Packers
21. WR Roddy White-Falcons
22. QB Peyton Manning-Colts
23. RB Brina Westbrook-Eagles
24. RB Marion Barber-Cowboys
25. WR Reggie Wayne-Colts
26. RB Ronnie Brown-Dolphins
27. WR Terrell Owens-Bills
28. WR Anquan Boldin-Cards
29. RB Thomas Jones-Jets
30. QB Kurt Warner-Cards
31. WR Wes Welker-Patriots
32. RB Kevin Smith-Lions
33. WR Marques Colston-Saints
34. RB Darren McFadden-Raiders
35. QB Philip Rivers-Chargers
36. RB Ryan Grant-Packers
37. RB Derrick Ward-Bucs
38. QB Tony Romo-Cowboys
39. TE Tony Gonzalez-Falcons
40. RB Pierre Thomas-Saints
41. WR Brandon Marshall-Broncos
42. RB Jonathon Stewart-Panthers
43. WR T.J.Houshmandzadeh-Seahawks
44. WR Dwayne Bowe-Chiefs
45. RB Reggie Bush-Saints
46. RB Marshawn Lynch-Bills
47. RB Joseph Addai-Colts
48. QB Matt Ryan-Falcons
49. RB Jamal Lewis-Browns
50. RB Larry Johnson-Chiefs
51. TE Jason Witten-Cowboys
52. RB (R)Chris Wells-Cards
53. RB Willie Parker-Steelers
54. QB Aaron Rodgers-Packers
55. RB (R)Knowshon Moreno-Broncos
56. WR Vincent Jackson-Chargers
57. WR Antonio Bryant-Bucs
58. WR Chad Ochocinco-Bengals
59. WR Braylon Edwards-Browns
60. QB Donovan McNabb-Eagles
61. TE Dallas Clark-Colts
62. QB Jay Cutler-Bears
63. QB Matt Schaub-Texans
64. RB Cedric Benson-Bengals
65. WR Roy Williams-Cowboys
66. WR Santana Moss-Redskins
67. WR DeSean Jackson-Eagles
68. WR Hines Ward-Steelers
69. TE Antonio Gates-Chargers
70. WR Eddie Royal-Broncos
71. WR Bernard Berrian-Vikings
72. WR Santonio Holmes-Steelers
73. QB Carson Palmer-Bengals
74. QB Matt Hasselbeck-Seahawks
75. WR Donald Driver-Packers
76. QB Matt Cassell-Chiefs
77. RB Ernest Graham-Bucs
78. WR Lance Moore-Saints
79. RB Darren Sproles-Chargers
80. RB Julius Jones-Seahawks
81. QB David Garrard-Jaguars
82. QB Ben Roethlisberger-Steelers
83. QB Eli Manning-Giants
84. RB Ahmad Bradshaw-Giants
85. RB Willis McGahee-Ravens
86. WR Kevin Walter-Texans
87. WR Jerricho Cotchery-Jets
88. TE Greg Olsen-Bears
89. WR Lee Evans-Bills
90. TE Chris Cooley-Redskins
91. WR Anthony Gonzalez-Colts
92. WR Devin Hester-Bears
93. RB LeRon McClain-Ravens
94. RB Felix Jones-Cowboys
95. RB Lendale White-Titans
96. WR Laveranues Coles-Bengals
97. WR Domenik Hixon-Giants
98. RB (R)Donald Brown-Colts
99. WR (R)Michael Crabtree-49ers
100. WR Steve Breaston-Cards
101. WR Donnie Avery-Rams
102. TE John Carlson-Seahawks
103. RB (R)LeSean McCoy-Eagles
104. QB Jason Campbell-Redskins
105. RB Ray Rice-Ravens
106. TE Owen Daniels-Texans
107. TE Zach Miller-Raiders
108. WR Torry Holt-Jaguars
109. WR Ted Ginn-Dolphins
110. TE Kellen Winslow-Bucs
111. TE Dustin Keller-Jets
112. QB Shaun Hill-49ers
113. RB Chester Taylor-Vikings
114. RB Leon Washington-Jets
115. RB Fred Jackson-Bills
116. WR Muhsin Muhammad-Panthers
117. TE Tony Scheffler-Broncos
118. WR Michael Jenkins-Falcons
119. QB Chad Pennington-Dolphins
120. RB Jerrious Norwood-Falcons
121. WR (R)Brian Robiskie-Browns
122. WR (R)Jeremy Maclin-Eagles
123. WR(R)Hakeem Nicks-Giants
124. QB Kyle Orton-Broncos
125. RB Sammy Morris-Patriots
126. RB Tim Hightower-Cards
127. TE Heath Miller-Steelers
128. TE Visanthe Schiancoe-Vikings
129. TE Vernon Davis-49ers
130. QB Trent Edwards-Bills
131. RB Fred Taylor-Patriots
132. RB Kevin Faulk-Patriots
133. RB Jamaal Charles-Chiefs
134. WR (R) Juan Iglesias-Bears
135. WR(R)Kenny Britt-Titans
136. WR Antwan Randle-El-Redskins
137. QB Joe Flacco-Ravens
138. RB Ricky Williams-Dolphins
139. RB Justin Fargas-Raiders
140. RB Maurice Morris-Lions
141. WR Johnnie Lee Higgins-Raiders
142. QB Jake Delhomme-Panthers
143. RB Correll Buckhalter-Broncos
144. RB Tashard Choice-Cowboys
145. RB (R)Rashad Jennings-Jaguars
146. QB Byron Leftwich-Bucs
147. RB Chris Brown-Texans
148. RB Peyton Hillis-Broncos
149. QB Tarvaris Jackson-Vikings
150. RB Lamont Jordan-Broncos

My AFC EAST PREVIEW IS READY...Just click on the links to check out your team. All other divisions will be ready shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why I have no Defensive and Kicker Rankings(WINNING TIPS INCLUDED!)

I was practicing for the real thing with a mock draft on ESPN one night and I was posed with the question of why I don't draft a defense any earlier than round 13 or 14. (Well,of course I can't give my tips away to everyone, so I told them to visit my website and I would explain why..lol)
So, as a bonus to you all just for visiting, here is a winning tip for all you beginners or maybe even you fantasy football buffs who just want to get better.

You'll notice how my rankings don't include kickers and defenses. Well, there is a very good reason for that. Here's my advice on kickers...NEVER TAKE YOUR KICKER UNTIL YOUR LAST PICK! Okay, there could be exceptions to this in certain circumstances, but for a Standard fantasy draft, there is no reason to take a kicker any earlier, as your goal is to build your roster with the best players available. You need depth for your QB,RB's and WR's. From injuries, to suspensions, to people just not performing up to their expectations, you cannot afford to give up depth here by drafting a kicker too early. There is hardly ever a season where the top rated kicker at the beginning of the season has been number one at the end. There are plenty of kickers to play around with on the waiver wire, and you can even get away with having a different kicker every week and have a winning team. Along with this, and I hope you may have been able to figure this out already, NEVER DRAFT MORE THAN ONE KICKER! For the reasons stated above, this will be devastating to your overall roster.

Okay, that being said, let's move on to the defenses. There is a reason I don't include defenses in my rankings, and I will now reveal to you why.

As I said previously, the key to building a winning team is depth. You need to have as much depth as possible to be sure your starting team has a good chance of winning every week. If your number one QB,WR or RB goes down, you still may be able to overcome their loss if you drafted wisely. Here is the thing about defenses. While it may be true you can score a lot of points by having the Steelers or Giants, for example, it is also true that if you miss out on them there will still be defenses available that will be able to provide enough points for your team to shine. My top defenses for 2009 are 1. Bears,2. Titans,3. Steelers, 4. Giants, 5. Patriots.

Guess what? Chances are at least one of these teams are going to be available late, after round 13 for example.
Guess what again? If they aren't, don't drive yourself nuts about it!

You see, in most standard leagues, the maximum amount of teams is 12. That means even if some people have 2 defenses(most will just have one though),there will likely be a defense on the board you can use to put up some nice points for your team in any given week. For example,let's say there are 18 defenses taken, there will still be 14 defenses on the waiver wire every week. Even if you don't have one of the top defenses, you can play a defense who has a great matchup for that week, and come away with possibly even more points for that week than if you had the top defense in the league.

Granted, in 12 team leagues your roster is thinner to begin with, and with injuries and other factors you yourself may find that holding onto 2 defenses is beneficial, but it all depends on the circumstance. An almost never talked about KEY TO WINNING is a simple basic fact that a lot of people don't think about, and I will tell you what that is right now...ready...Simply put, IF YOU HAVE A PLAYER OR A DEFENSE ON YOUR ROSTER, NO ONE ELSE CAN USE THEM! Simple, I know, but this is why I talk about depth so much and the fact that you need to build your team with the best players available. When you draft someone or even nab someone off the waiver wire, you are preventing another team from using that player against you as well as having them on your roster. This might be another subject for another article, but it is important to keep an eye on things going on in the NFL and in your league. You don't know how many times I have picked up a RB,WR, or QB not because I needed them, but because someone else did. The more aware you are of everyone's needs, the better results you will have and winning your league will be that much easier.

So remember,In a 10 team league your roster should be full of players that can help and fill in when needed. The art of the weekly defensive play becomes even more important the smaller your league is. Like I said, if you can get one of the top 5 defenses, great. If not though, don't throw away your chance to provide depth for your team by drafting a defense too high, as this could come back to haunt you in the long run.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NFL Transactions for June

Transactions June 30
New York Giants waived C Alex Derenthal

Transactions June 29
New Orleans Saints released FB Kevin Houser and signed LS Jason Kyle(Panthers)

Transactions June 26
Jacksonville Jaguars traded WR Dennis Northcutt to Detroit Lions for S Gerald Alexander

Transactions June 24
Kansas City Chiefs signed S Mike Brown(Bears)

Transactions June 23
Pittsburgh Steelers CB Fernando Bryant announced his retirement from the NFL

Transactions June 22
DT Laroi Glover(Rams) retired from the NFL

Transactions June 17
Jacksonville Jaguars terminated the contract of QB Cleo Lemon
Atlanta Falcons released C Alex Stepanovich
Denver Broncos released LB Boss Bailey

Transactions June 16
Cleveland Browns signed LB Blake Costanzo(Bills)
Denver Broncos released LB Louis Green

Transactions June 15
Oakland Raiders signed LB Greg Ellis(Cowboys)
Houston Texans TE Owen Daniels signed his one year tender offer
New Orleans Saints have placed C Alex Fletcher (kidney) on the reserve/retired list. Medical tests revealed Fletcher only has one kidney and it needs some work done on it.
Arizona Cardinals TE Ben Patrick has been suspended 4 games for violating the league's policy on banned substances.
Denver Broncos signed WR Brandon Lloyd(Bears)
Atlanta Falcons signed C Jeremy Newberry(Chargers)

Transactions June 12
Washington Redskins released WR James Thrash
QB Trent Green announced his retirement
Atlanta Falcons released QB Michael Vick

Transactions June 11
Philadelphia Eagles waived DT Amon Gordon
New England Patriots released FB Patrick Pass
Buffalo Bills waived LB Blake Costanzo
Houston Texans signed QB Rex Grossman(Bears)

Transactions June 8
Oakland Raiders signed QB Charlie Frye(Seahawks)
New Orleans Saints LB Dan Morgan says he will be retiring due to injury problems.

Transactions June 6
Cleveland Browns signed T George Foster(Lions)

Transactions June 4
New England Patriots released DE Kenny Smith and signed FB Patrick Pass

Transaction June 3
Atlanta Falcons resigned T Tyson Clabo
Jacksonville Jaguars signed S Marlon McCree(Broncos)

Transactions June 2
Detroit Lions signed S Marquand Manuel(Broncos)
Dallas Cowboys released LB Greg Ellis

Transactions June 1
Detroit Lions released T George Foster

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Friday, July 10, 2009



1. Tony Gonzalez-Falcons
2. Jason Witten-Cowboys
3. Dallas Clark-Colts
4. Antonio Gates-Chargers
5. Greg Olsen-Bears
6. Chris Cooley-Redskins
7. John Carlson-Seahawks
8. Zach Miller-Raiders
9. Owen Daniels-Texans
10. Kellen Winslow-Bucs
11. Dustin Keller-Jets
12. Tony Scheffler-Broncos
13. Heath Miller-Steelers
14. Visanthe Schiancoe-Vikings
15. Vernon Davis-49ers

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Johnnynfl TOP 50 FANTASY WR'S

My rankings are not the usual standard rankings you will find on other websites. I put a lot of effort into my work and that is why I have won fantasy football championships in 7 of the last 8 seasons. Last year was the first season I didn't bring home a championship, although my team did have a 10-2-1 record during the regular season. Be sure to check back occasionally, as my rankings are always changing based on future analysis.

Johnnynfl TOP 50 FANTASY WR'S

1. Randy Moss-Patriots
2. Larry Fitzgerald-Cards
3. Andre Johnson-Texans
4. Greg Jennings-Packers
5. Steve Smith-Panthers
6. Roddy White-Falcons
7. Calvin Johnson-Lions
8. Wes Welker-Patriots
9. Anquan Boldin-Cards
10. T.J.Houshmanzadeh-Seahawks
11. Reggie Wayne-Colts
12. Marques Colston-Saints
13. Terrell Owens-Bills
14. Brandon Marshall-Broncos
15. Antonio Bryant-Bucs
16. Santana Moss-Redskins
17. Dwayne Bowe-Chiefs
18. Chad OchoCinco-Bengals
19. Braylon Edwards-Browns
20. Lance Moore-Saints
21. Donald Driver-Packers
22. Hines Ward-Steelers
23. Vincent Jackson-Chargers
24. Bernard Berrian-Vikings
25. Derrick Mason-Ravens
26. Eddie Royal-Broncos
27. Domenik Hixon-Giants
28. Jerricho Cotchery-Jets
29. DeSean Jackson-Eagles
30. Anthony Gonzalez-Colts
31. Roy Williams-Cowboys
32. Lee Evans-Bills
33. Santonio Holmes-Steelers
34. Kevin Walter-Texans
35. Devin Hester-Bears
36. Laveranues Coles-Bengals
37. Donnie Avery-Rams
38. Steve Breaston-Cards
39. (R)Hakeem Nicks-Giants
40. (R)Kenny Britt-Titans
41. Muhsin Muhammad-Panthers
42. (R)Michael Crabtree-49ers
43. Torry Holt-Jaguars
44. (R)Jeremy Maclin-Eagles
45. Michael Jenkins-Falcons
46. (R)Juaquin Iglesias-Bears
47. Ted Ginn-Dolphins
48. (R)Brian Robiskie-Browns
49. Antwan Randle-El-Redskins
50. Johnnie Lee Higgins-Raiders

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Johnnynfl TOP 60 FANTASY RB'S

MY TOP 60 RB'S FOR 2009

Of course this list will continuously be updated throughout the season, so be sure to go to my website and subscribe if you would like to keep up with my rankings for the 2009 season.

Johnnynfl 2009 Fantasy RB Rankings

TOP 60 RB's
1. Adrian Peterson-Vikings
2. Matt Forte-Bears
3. Ladainian Tomlinson-Chargers
4. Michael Turner-Falcons
5. Steve Slaton-Texans
6. DeAngelo Williams-Panthers
7. Clinton Portis-Redskins
8. Chris Johnson-Titans
9. Steven Jackson-Rams
10. Maurice Jones-Drew-Jaguars
11. Frank Gore-49ers
12. Brian Westbrook-Eagles
13. Brandon Jacobs-Giants
14. Marion Barber-Cowboys
15. Thomas Jones-Jets
16. Derrick Ward-Bucs
17. Jamal Lewis-Browns
18. Ryan Grant-Packers
19. Jonathon Stewart-Panthers
20. Pierre Thomas-Saints
21. Joseph Addai-Colts
22. Reggie Bush-Saints
23. Ronnie Brown-Dolphins
24. Larry Johnson-Chiefs
25. Marshawn Lynch-Bills
26. Kevin Smith-Lions
27. Darren McFadden-Raiders
28. Willie Parker-Steelers
29. Leon Washington-Jets
30. Darren Sproles-Chargers
31. (R)Chris Wells-Cardinals
32. Ernest Graham-Bucs
33. (R)Donald Brown-Colts
34. Jerrious Norwood-Falcons
35. Chester Taylor-Vikings
36. Ahmad Bradshaw-Giants
37. Julius Jones-Seahawks
38. Willis McGahee-Ravens
39. (R)Knowshon Moreno-Broncos
40. Cedric Benson-Bengals
41. Kevin Faulk-Patriots
42. Corell Buckhalter-Broncos
43. Lendale White-Titans
44. Felix Jones-Cowboys
45. Fred Taylor-Patriots
46. Sammy Morris-Patriots
47. Tim Hightower-Cardinals
48. (R)LeSean McCoy-Eagles
49. (R)Rashad Jennings-Jaguars
50. Chris Brown-Texans
51. Ricky Williams-Dolphins
52. Jamaal Charles-Chiefs
53. Justin Fargas-Raiders
54. LeRon McClain-Ravens
55. Fred Jackson-Bills
56. Peyton Hillis-Broncos
57. Maurice Morris-Lions
58. Lamont Jordan-Broncos
59. Mewelde Moore-Steelers
60. Tashard Choice-Cowboys

Let me know what you think and be back soon with the WR's.

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